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Nicknames to Identities: Unleashing LVL

Create Your Powerful Alter Ego

Introduction: The Power of Nicknames

Both endearing and teasing, Nicknames accompany us through life, shaping our identities. From childhood playfulness to self-created monikers, these labels become integral to our self-perception.

Early Nicknames and Adolescence

From "Baby Wee" to "ISSA," my early nicknames painted a picture of innocence and humor. Yet, puns like "Van Looser" added a comical twist to my last name as adolescence unfolded. Amid the laughter, I realized the impact of nicknames, both uplifting and, occasionally, hurtful.

Evolution of LVL: Embracing a Tougher Self

As I grew, my initials, LVL, became synonymous with a tougher version of myself. High school marked the emergence of "LVL," a persona I embraced to navigate the challenges. With a dance team captain title and a Fast & Furious-inspired car, I embodied this identity, using it as a shield against the insecurities of my teenage years.

Personal Armour & Self-Discovery

Fortunately, I discovered the strength within LVL. With its traumas and scarring experiences, high school necessitated a resilient identity. LVL became my armor, helping me face challenges head-on. However, a more vulnerable, sensitive Lisa lay beneath this toughness, waiting to be known.

New York Unleashes LVL: Career and Identity Merge

Upon arriving in New York, LVL took center stage. Focused on a career-driven agenda, I realized Lisa wouldn't cut it. LVL spearheaded my professional journey, achieving set goals while maintaining detachment. Despite the occasional drama, a supportive tribe ensured my ascent.

Identity Shaping: Unleash Your Power Within

Coaching sessions and insightful readings, like "Atomic Habits," helped clarify my identity as LVL. An empowering activity unveiled the essence of LVL. The crucial message: words shape identity. By consciously choosing the words we speak, we define our narrative, creating an identity that aligns with our goals.

Empowering through Identity: The LVL Toolkit

LVL is not a departure from Lisa but an enhanced version, a persona to call upon when needed. The key is projection—using elements like red lipstick, leather jackets, or a specific dance move to embody the empowered self. The playlist switches to hardcore hip-hop or EDM when LVL steps in. The routine becomes a trigger, signaling the emergence of the empowered, badass self.

Conclusion: Choose Your Identity, Create Your Narrative

Nicknames and self-created identities are potent forces. They can be our allies or adversaries, depending on how we wield them. The power to choose our identity lies in the words we speak. LVL isn't a replacement for Lisa; she's a collaborator, an empowered alter ego. The message is clear: You are the creator of your narrative, the sculptor of your identity. So, choose your words wisely and unleash the power within.



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