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Meet LVL 

Dating Coach Lisa Van Loo

Hi there, I'm Lisa Van Loo.  


I'm an ICF Certified Master Love & Life Coach, Speaker, and Professional Development Executive.

I struggled with my self-love, confidence, and mindset for decades after experiencing sexual assault and a string of abusive relationships and situationships. As a result, I always chased emotionally unavailable men and thought I was fundamentally unlovable. 

I couldn't figure out why I kept finding myself in the same situation and why no one ever chose me! From the outside, I had it all. I built a successful life by moving to New York, creating a career in fashion, and traveling the world, but I couldn't find success in love. 

It turns out love wasn't my only challenge, and my trauma started seeping into every area of my life, including my mental and physical health. I realized I had to change when I finally hit my breaking point. My patterns and unhealthy coping mechanisms kept me stuck in a toxic cycle, and I had to do something different. 

Once I committed to my healing journey, my life became unrecognizable. I've embraced different modalities for healing myself, and it inspired me to help women with the same challenges I faced. 

I know what it feels like to think you're unworthy of your dreams or desires, and I'm here to help you get there. Coaching is a powerful form of self-discovery and accountability. I've helped thousands of women achieve love, success, and more. 

Now it's your turn. 

Are you ready to LVL Up?

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