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Lisa Van Loo
Love & Life Coach

Lisa is an ICF-certified Love and Life Coach informed in Trauma, Attachment Theory, IFS (parts work), and Somatic Healing. Lisa coaches from a background of her own experience with narcissistic abuse, sexual assault, and self-worth issues. After unsuccessfully dating in New York City for a decade, Lisa went on a healing journey that led her to find the love of her life and her inspiration for coaching. Lisa is passionate about helping women reach their next level in love, self-worth, confidence, and healing.

Lisa is a no-nonsense coach working with empowered clients ready to reach their next level.

Are you ready to LVL Up?

Coaching with LVL

Are you a fearless and empowered woman, ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation? If so, my coaching program is tailored just for you. I specialize in working with motivated, self-starting women who are unafraid to confront their deepest fears and are committed to investing in their personal development. As your coach, I won't just offer guidance – I'll be your ally in pursuing a love life that aligns with your dreams, a soul that is healed from past traumas, and a confidence that radiates from within.


Here's what sets my coaching apart:


1. Fearless Transformation: We'll dive deep into the barriers holding you back, unraveling layers of trauma, pain, and wounds you might not even be consciously aware of. Together, we'll address and conquer these obstacles, empowering you to reclaim control over your love life.

2. Mindset Challenges: I am here to challenge your mindset, push back on limiting patterns, and help you redefine your beliefs about love, self-worth, and confidence. Expect to step outside your comfort zone, as this is where the most profound transformations occur.


3. Accountability and Action: My coaching style is more than just conversation – it's about taking decisive action. I will hold you accountable for your desired changes, ensuring each session propels you closer to your goals.


Remember, you are the architect of your destiny. While I will guide and illuminate the path, you will open the door to your transformed life. If you're ready to embrace this journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and love, then the time to act is now. Your extraordinary love life awaits – let's create it together.

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Ready to start your journey today? Download one of my transformational journals here!

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