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Lisa Van Loo a.k.a. LVL

Dating + Relationships

Mindset + Trauma

Professional + Business

Lisa is an ICF-Certified Master Coach and Professional Development Executive who has built an online community supporting women on their path to finding love and personal fulfillment. Lisa coaches from a background of experience and certifications, as well as dating in New York City for a decade and recently marrying! Lisa approaches personal development using mindset, learning, and healing techniques that help her community and clients level up!

Lisa is a no-nonsense coach working with empowered clients ready to LVL up! 

Are you ready to LVL Up?

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Check Out My Step-by-Step Transformative Workbooks To Go from Self-Discovery to Soulmate Through Powerful Exercises and Personal Growth.  

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Next, LVL in Love is the sought-after transformational self-paced course healing all areas of LOVE in your life. You will learn my proven method over 8-modules, which builds a foundational understanding of your trauma and limiting beliefs, heals your relationship with self, and guides you to find fulfilling relationships in all areas of life. 

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"It All Starts With Self-Love" and learn seven crucial lessons that helped me LVL up my mindset and relationship status. I'm wishing you the best on your level-up journey! 


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